BOXO 17PCS File Hammer Measuring & Cuting Tool Set

• 1pc Half Round File w/ Handle.

• 1pc Flat File w/ Handle.

• 1pc Triangle File w/ Handle.

• 1pc Round File w/ Handle.

• 1pc Square File w/ Handle.

• 1pc 300g Engineers Hammer.

• 1pc 300g 18oz Deadblow Hammer.

• 1pc 12” (300mm)  High Tension Heavy Duty Hacksaw.

• 1pc Auto Center Punch.

• 1pc 12” (300mm) Stainless Steel Ruler.

• 1pc Imperial Screw Pitch Gauges.

• 1pc Metric Screw Pitch Gauges.

• 1pc 20pcs Metric Feeler Gauges.

• 1pc 6” (150mm) Vernier Cailiper.

• 1pc 8” (200mm) Circular Protractor.

• 1pc Double Ended Scriber.




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Measuring Tape
BOXO 5m Measuring Tape

• With ABS/TPR Case, Tape Lock And Belt Clip.

• Power Return Tape.

• Aligning Hook For Internal / External Measurement.


screwdrivers 2


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eTape16 Digital Measuring Tape
eTAPE¹⁶ 5m16ft Digital Measuring Tape

• Large Digital Display.

• Bluetooth Option.

• Centerline Calculation.

• 2 Long Term Memories.

• Rezero Function.

• Short Term Measurement Hold.

• Inside/Outside Measurement.

• Inches/Metric Conversion.


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