BOXO 520g Deadblow Hammer – Sold Out

• Head Weight : 520g.

• Length : 286mm.

• As Inside This Hammer The Main Body is of Steel Structure, And Is Filled With High-Hard Steel Beads For Striking Auxiliary And Bumping Absorption, It Can Strike Accurately And Stably. Futher The Outside of This Hammer Is Covered With Uniquely Developed High Impact-Resistant Synthetic Rubber Which Is Mainly To Prevent Sudden Crack During Appliction And To Prolong The Life of This Hammer By Feature of Slow-Wearing, Especially When It Is Used In The Occasions of Acid And Alkali. Its Features of Oil-Resistant And Oxide-Resistan Even Superior. It Can Usually Keep The Features of Application Between-30⁰C-90⁰C.




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BOXO 6PCS Hammer & Punch Set – Sold Out

• 1pc 16oz Ball Pein Hammer With Fiberglass Handle.

• 1pc Combination Hammer.

• 1pc 4 x 300mm Standard Center Punch.

• 3pcs Drift Punch : 4 x 150mm, 5 x 165mm, 6 x 180mm.

Ball Pein Hammer With Fiberglass Handle

• Forged Medium Carbon Steel, Hardened And Tempered. Black Baked Paint Finish. Polished Face.


• Material : CR-V, Chrome Plated, Mirror Finishing And Hand Grip Design.

• Quality : DIN 6450.




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